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SSD Chemical Solution And Activation Powder



SSD Chemical Solution and Powder for Activation:

We sell SSD Chemical Solution And Activation Powder used to remove a variety of shading and dark stain, money, or damaged monetary orders, with other hardware not working. Our specialists are high skill and can provide Constantly prepared to handle the cleaning perfectly. Our Chemical is 100% pure and unadulterated. We cleanse all standards of monetary exchange such as GBP, USD, Euro Euro, USD, GBP, and a myriad of other financial standards.

Hostile to freezing preparations and prepared deicing fluids, SSD Solution. Vectrol glue, TebiMagnetic arrangement defaced money, cleaning compound. Obscured currency,

We operate on commissions and offer equipment to perform. The enormous clean-up and transportation of the objects to the buyer’s objections. For more information, please get in touch with us, and we are ready to offer Our Products at any price you want.

Original SSD Chemical Solution:

Original SSD chemical solution to wash all currencies that have been damage. We provide a solution for cleaning all kind of banknotes that has been defacing. Such as black banknotes anti-breeze, stamp stained, marked, or stamped currency. We melt and activate frozen chemicals and provide service for cleaning anti-breeze bills. The is available in a full range is the most effective Chemical on the market to clean anti-breeze banknotes and deface currency and Banknotes.

You’ll be amazed by the speed and dip power activation that this substance can provide. It can use to clean notes currency and has a high capacity. We provide machines for massive cleaning, and we also ship our products to any area that buyers would like. We have skilled technicians and support staff. Our laboratory staff is on hand to assist, advise and clean on a proportion in huge quantities. We sell chemicals such as the tourmaline s.s.d.

A chemical solution, Castro x oxide, a4. As well as many other activation powders and for cleaning, black money chemical. The allied product is a major producer of pharmaceutical and industrial items with a specialization in the manufacture of s.s.d automatic solution that is used for the removal of defacing and black banknotes and money that have anti-fly quality.

Others for damaged notes, bills such as euros, USD, pounds, and transferring colors from used notes to white bills and black notes, we offer commission-based services. We also have machines that can do the major cleaning and deliveries of the products to buyer locations after paying the payment of a consultation. Depending on different cases.


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