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Purchase Passport In Turkey:

Turkey Passport are given as per the Passport Act (No. 5682) from 15 July 1950 to Turkish residents to travel abroad.

Residents of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are additionally qualified to apply for a Turkish Passport assuming they wish to, just as the TRNC visa of the Republic of Cyprus EU identification.

International IDs are given by the Turkish Police (or by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Nicosia for Turkish Cypriots) and applications are recorded at police headquarters that have an identification office.

International IDs given since 1 June 2010 are biometric and legitimate for as long as 10 years (5 years for extraordinary identifications).

Positioned in the Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Index, a Turkish Passport put 51st in 2016.

Obtaining a Turkish passport is among the main goals of both citizens and investors from across the globe. When moving to and investing in the country. Furthermore, because of the Turkish passport’s strength. It’s much easier to obtain the Schengen visa required for traveling to European nations for work or tourism reasons.

Achieving a Turkish passport is gaining Turkish citizenship. Once you are a Turkish citizen, you’ll be able to benefit from the advantages of being a Turkish citizen.

12 Benefits of obtaining a Turkish passport:
  • How to obtain Turkish citizenship and establish a residency in the country
  • Ease of getting Schengen as well as US visas with the Turkish passport
  • You can conduct freedom of trade with no sanctions
  • You can travel to 111 countries with an entry visa (26 Schengen countries)
  • The ability to accept Turkish names and first names.
  • Receive benefits from the government and assistance (equal with other Turkish citizens)
  • Profiting from retirement facilities
  • Possessing the Turkish passport grants you the right to Turkish voting
  • Children can receive free education (in public schools and universities. As well as, the possibility of receiving scholarships at international educational institutions)
Startup a business or work in governmental institutions:
  • Free trade free of any sanctions of any kind around the world by using the use of a Turkish passport
  • The rights to receive social security benefits as well as government insurance

Other advantages of a Turkish passport:

Possessing a Turkish passport can make it easier to obtain an E2 visa for investment. If you’re a Turkish resident, you may be able to get a more straightforward E2 Investor Visa for those looking to establish a business in the United States by starting a company or finding a job.

The country you are a citizen of is applying for the E2 visa for investors must sign an accord with the United States. Turkey Passport is a party to an agreement with the United States on this issue.

If you have a Turkish passport, you can enjoy dual citizenship. Since Turkey is one of the countries that permit dual citizenship, you’ll be able to enjoy dual citizenship alongside your citizenship and Turkish citizenship.

Suppose you’re a country resident that doesn’t allow dual citizenship. In that case, you could be granted a residence or work permit in Turkey when you’re eligible to apply for a Turquoise Card issued by the Turkish government. You can find the information on the Turquoise card here.


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