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Universal SSD Solution Chemical



Universal SSD Chemical Solution For Cleaning:

Our team specializes in cleaning banknotes stained with anti-breeze chemicals and black money stained with Universal SSD Solution Chemical. We have a skilled team of scientists and laboratory technicians who are well-trained in this field. With over 23 offices worldwide, we now have service in the USA, UAE, UK, Europe, North, South, and Middle East.

Products Available:

  • Pure SSD Solution
  • SSD Supreme Solution
  • SSD Solution Pk 58
  • Conservation And Activation
  • Vectrol Paste Zuta S4, Castro X Oxide
  • The Testing Doses
  • Automated Money Developer Machines
  • Congeal Chemical Melting Equipment
  • Temperature Controller
  • Temperature Siles

Cleaning Machines:

We are the leaders in bank stain removal. Our laboratory is located in South Africa and Central Africa, with a Cape Town headquarters specializing in anti-breeze banknotes chemistry. Our primary focus is to serve the financial sector as a whole. We have banks, humanitarian organizations, and individual clients. However, all parties and companies are welcome.

Money Cleaning Machine:

This laser machine can clean all types of currencies and black money. The high-quality power laser VQ 375 processing is recommended for cleaning USD, Euro, and GBP. We can also clean on a percentage basis and have chemicals and powder available for manual cleaning. Material (Machines, Chemicals, Solutions & Activation powder) can be shipped worldwide to the destination of your choice.

Can we offer the most up-to-date automatic and Best SSD chemicals, universal chemicals, and activating dust? We are experts in cleaning all types of defaced, black, stained, stamped, marked, or embossed currency. We can melt and activate frozen chemicals, and we offer 100% cleaning for dollars, euros, and pounds. Also, we can transfer colors from old bills to new white bills.

SSD solutions in their full range are the best SSD chemical solutions. They can clean anti-breeze bank notes, defaced currencies, and similar items. This chemical is powerful and fast. It can clean notes currency up to breeze.


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